Not giving up kinda girl

Hi there. I must find a way that I can blog every day. Today was a funny day, I guess a dementia day. My cellphone updated, now I have to figure it out again. So did the apps. My emails changed and I simply could not send an email. Trying to send one to my friend Minna from Suddenly Mad, but I guess I will figure it out again. I joined a Zoom chat with Dementia Mentors and were pressing buttons hihihihi. Well somehow I have to figure out how it works lol. It sort of makes me sad, because I used to be so good with computers and cellphones and stuff. Even finding my way around WordPress seems challenging some days.

Some days I wonder if I suddenly became stupid or something. Someone told me it is the blog fairy that is moving stuff around. Sounds good to me.

Sitting here typing about what I find challenging lately and that it makes me sad, just got me thinking… I AM NOT THE GIVING UP KIND OF GIRL. No I am not and never will be. There are so many things in life that I went through and I am still here, 56 years old.

You can make it, I did. Maybe you or I don’t see it now, but I promise you will make it, whatever it is you and I are going through.

I have a coping mechanism or two. First of all, if I did not have God in my life, I would not have made it. And for goodness sake having dementia and strokes is not God punishing you or that you have so many sins etc. The Love and Grace of God is new every morning.

The other one is making jokes. It’s not bad talking between people with dementia and making jokes only people with dementia would probably understand. Peter one of the guys on Dementia Mentors said that we should live our lives to the fullest. I am doing just that. Some days are foggy yes, but other days are good.

The other day my husband send me into the store to go buy candy (I haven’t been in a store in a long time). I fetched what I wanted, the cashier recognized me and chatted me up. So I took my candy and left… She came running after me Auntie, you forgot to pay. So I went back, payed and told her, next time she sees me, she must ask me if I want to pay cash or with a card. So that was sorted.

Another funny thing I find myself doing is sensory. My hands and fingers. If I cannot remember if I took a specific pill with like a aluminium foil covering on, I just try to remember if I felt the taking out of the pill and the feeling of the sharp edges. If I do, I know I took it. I don’t know what other examples to give. But I try to remember the sound or feel of something and it helps me remember. It is very strange, but it sort of help coping. Sometimes it does not work, but most of the time it does.

I must go and sleep now. Have a lovely day or sleep well.

Please tell me if you have any things you use to cope with the dementia stuff. I would love to know. I need to learn. I will share from my side too.

I will never give up or lie down. I will go out kicking ass… that I promise!

Much love and kindness



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