Who am I?

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Hi there 🙂

Today I would like to talk about: Who am I? Many of us go through life with the wrong perspective of who they are. Now let me tell you about this.

When we are born and growing up, there is no way in your development that really can give you a true sense of who you are. I might be wrong and there might be some super human that knew right from birth who and what they are or I have not read enough of my young ladies university psychology development books. But one thing I know.:

Our first impressions as we grow up, are what is reflected by either adult family members, older siblings, friends or strange people. It is like looking in someone elses mirror. There might be a horrible aunt, that have a deep down hatred in her life/heart that always are angry with you no matter what. Your mother might have an inferior complex and all you see is that you will never be good enough. Another person might always be negative, because of that persons life experiences. So growing up is like standing in a room full off mirrors. One makes you feel unwanted, one not good enough and even some lovely person that makes you feel loved.

Now I found that if you wait for the world and outside factors to make you feel happy, wanted etc. It is not going to happen. It will only last for a moment and then you have to go and find something else to fill up your own mirror. Somewhere in life you have to go and sit down and look at yourself and your life and figure out who and what you are. What defines you. What makes you you. One way is to make a list of your good qualities and bad qualities (you will have to be brutally honest). A list of what you like or don’t like, not someone else. You can even make a list of your accomplishments and failures. Take a good look at it. I am pretty sure that you will be much more confident and happy in finding yourself. Be your own person. True happiness and peace comes from within. Not from external factors.

Another way that I found worked for me a hundred percent was when I found out who I am in Jesus Christ. He is the one person that loves you unconditionally and He made you a wonderful being. There is no one else on this entire planet that is the same as you. Yes we all have done bad things some time or another, but who didn’t. No one is perfect. The only one that is perfect is God. God gave us His peace, that lasts forever.

And no, you are not going to be all of a sudden this hysterical happy hopping around chipmunk. We all have our ups and downs, but the difference will be…. YOU WILL KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

I would really appreciate it if you can share any of your experiences or ideas on this.

Much love and kindness



3 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. I believe …we are constantly changing ….ever evolving beings ….. at least that’s who we should be . ….. circumstances situations keep peeling a layer of us to unveil a new one … ……the beauty of life is in forever discovering a new me


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