About cows and suitcases.

Hi there 🙂 Few days since I wrote a blog. Been busy busy and busy. However I’ve been reading my favorite blogs. Everyone I follow are my favorites and thank you for all the new friends following my blog. I love yours too!

Yesterday was quite some day. I’m trying to help my eldest with her teaching practice projects. Now the theme is farm animals. Now thinking with dementia sometimes is like morse code. Think, think, gap, think, gap, gap, gap, think, think , quite some gap-a-thinking. Not to mention remembering: talk, talk, talk…. what the hell did we talk about? About shoes, reminds my friend, shoes… shoes… shoes? Nahhh Have I told you the story about my grandmothers chickens?…. yes dear half an hour ago. Dang.. Ok How are your chickens doing? She farms with chickens.

Now about the teaching practice projects. I’ve been trying think of nice easy projects the little ones could do. Wait, what about a mask of a cow. They can make a collage on a paper plate. Next moment, I’m trying to remember what a cows ears looks like, but in my memory image of a cow, I just don’t see ears. Not pointy ones, not hanging ones etc. Next question to my husband… Hi, does cows have ears? You must have seen his face! Of cause cows have ears, all living things have ears. For the life of me I still couldn’t picture the cow’s ears. Later we went to town and passed some cows. My husband applied the brakes very enthusiastically and showed me cows next to the road. See love, they do have ears. Big floppy ones. Ok cows have ears. In bed last night, he googled some cows and showed me the ears… sweet old darling.

Now that was just me. It was very, very cold yesterday, with strong wind and rain. My husband went out to take his suitcase out of the car and decided to go park the car in a safe place. Just guess what… he forgot that he placed the suitcase behind the car. Whoopsy daisy there he ran over the suitcase. Right in the middle, he said. I wanted to know if the suitcase was still okay and the contents. Nope not going to look. I think he was a bit worried. When we got to bed he put the suitcase on the bed… well it is still one of those old good ones. No damage, all just fine, he declared with a relieved smile.

Having dementia is not all sad and horrible, you can make the best of what you still have. It all lies in attitude and all that type of things. How you look at it. On the other hand, on a bad day I would have cried my eyes out because cows don’t have ears. Dementia is a horrible thing and difficult, but I decided to live every day to the fullest.

Got to go now. Am going to help a friend of mine that has cancer to wash. Helping others also help you. It makes you feel, you are still okay and can still mean something to someone else.

Nuf said.

Lots of love and kindness



4 thoughts on “About cows and suitcases.

  1. I would have to Google cows’ ears to remember what they look like, but I do know what guinea pigs’ ears look like, because I like to kiss my little piggy children on their ears.

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