A fairy tale

One night at a youth gathering a beautiful young lady saw a lonely knight playing piano by himself on the stage. By some instinct or what was to be, she climbed up the stairs, joining him and just listened. Hi, I am Elmarie and you? See, she knew he was a Knight of the highest order by heart, but he only replied: “Andries”

Then the proceedings started, every now and then she caught his eyes on her. A warm feeling came over her heart. That was the start of a wonderful friendship. Now this Knight was ten years older than the lady, but it mattered not at that time. After a year of friendship the two decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend in those days. He was always on time and had excellent manners. One night he phoned and said that he will be late. About 3 minutes later he was at the door. Quite tipsy from a party at work and in his hands a bunch of roses with only a petal here and there, he most definitely borrowed it from some mystical garden along the way. He was so sorry being 3 minutes late, but the lady will never forget sweet gesture.

Two years later, the Knight and the Ladies father decided that it is time that they get married. But oh no, the Lady in the meantime decided that is not going to work. See, who wants to marry an “old man” Dropped him on shot, broke his heart and next day moved to another city. Never spoke to him again for five years.

After five long years, Lady Elmarie’s father came to fetch her from the city for a visit, he was driving in another vehicle in front. A vehicle came from no where and sent the vehicle spinning through the air. He were still alive, but I don’t want to go into details here. About a week later the Ladies mother phoned her and told her she came across the Knight Andries, visiting a friend in hospital.

Well she there and then decided to phone the Knight. When he answered and heard it is she speaking, he asked quite rudely: “What do you want?” Well in the first place she apologized and asked if there was any chance to be friends. He told her he will think about it. Being a creature of great thought, he phoned back two weeks later. Well the deal was that there can only be a friendship, as he has a girlfriend. Agreed, said Lady Elmarie.

A week later Elmarie’s father passed away and was buried on Andries’s birthday 8 December 1988. They were friends again by then and it only took him one week to tell the current girlfriend that he is going back to his first love. (A whole week shorter than it took him to phone the lady back lol) The Lady and Knight were in love again… or maybe just re discovered it or most likely it never went away. See true love have a way of staying.

January 1989 the Knight took the Lady for dinner. They just sat down and without further ado, the Knight took the Ladies hand and told her that he decided that they are getting engaged on Valentines day and married on 30 September 1989. Absolutely taken by surprise, she asked him if he isn’t going to ask her if she wants to marry him. His answer was short and sweet:”You had your chance” When the family were told about it, they decided that the Knight and Lady should get married on 8 July 1989, just for in case the Lady decided to play the “run away bride”.

Now looking back over 37 years of knowing each other and 30 years being married in which were born the 2 most awesome two princesses. There has never been any regret. Friendship and love bound us together stronger each day. In bad times we stood together to face the bad times, always.

It is so heart warming to still sometimes find his eyes on me and when I ask what he thinks…. “After all these years you are still the most beautiful woman in the world.” his answer will be. Someone once said he is the calm pool under me, the busy steam buzzing about. He has always been there for me and we for each other. A greater love… I doubt I will ever find.

How did you meet your loved one? Please share it.

Much love and kindness

Saro (Elmarie)


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