Happy finding new friends!

Hi there!

You will notice that I changed my name to Saro (Elmarie). Saro is the name under which I prefer to write or play my online game. Even my pets are named Saro. I must sometime tell you where the name Saro comes from. Last night I had my first video call on Dementia Mentors. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! I did not want to talk to them under an alias but my real name Elmarie. So since they are lovely people also living with dementia, I put Elmarie next to Saro, so as not to confuse them and Saro for those that already got to know me as Saro.

I first talked to Truthful Loving Kindness, you can find her blog here: https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/22668891 She is assistant dementia mentors administrator. I hope I got that right. She put me at ease. Meeting new people can be a bit difficult for me lately, as I have to try and remember their names and in trying to do so, I miss the whole conversation. But I believe good news is, is that I will meet that person again and decide that the name remembering thing might not be that important as to listening to what the person have to say. Lucky thing, I already knew her name and could talk to her and listen.

We used Zoom and everybodies name was displayed by their faces. So with that sorted, we could introduce ourselves, as I was new. Finding out what kind of dementia each other have, sharing challenges, but the great thing was also how to handle the challenges. For one thing I was sitting here in my little corner believing I’m going to die tomorrow. Most of these new friends have been living with dementia for about 20 years or so. Now thinking about that again, what is better living with dementia for 20 plus years and suffer or becoming eventually a vegetable plus minus or just up and die.

But no, I don’t think “up and die” is an option. While we are still aware and can still cope, even with assistance, we can still have a full life. We can still find things that makes us happy. Things that makes us feel that we still mean something.

An absolutely awesome woman said:” to find the ability in inability” You can find her blog here. Now where did that link go?

Let me try again. https://thesecretblind.wordpress.com/author/thesecretblind/

See…. got it.

Now I have to go. Thanks for reading and have and awesome day and sweet dreams.

Loving kindness

Saro (Elmarie)


7 thoughts on “Happy finding new friends!

  1. Thanks for reading my blogs. I don’t know if they are any good, but I just love writing. When I was in my 20s I blogged for a news agency, but I’m not that good anymore lol

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