Kindness and DOT

Dear friend, I’ve been meaning to write about DOT kindness for a few days now, but life just got busy and I couldn’t write. So let me tell you about kindness, as the idea feels like it is fading in my mind.

A lot of kindness has been given to me by friends since I were diagnosed and before. I play an online game Dawn of Titans. I never liked to play games… really solitaire?… boring! But Dawn of Titans is a community and I have been playing for three years now. We have an app where we socialize and brag with our Titans etc. called Line. This is not a blog on the latest Titan or stats, but about my friends.

I hope they don’t mind me mentioning some of them, because we all goes by an alias. Mine is Saro of cause 🙂 Anger is our Captain, he will deny this of cause, but he is. When I told him one of the first things he said was that he will send me a message saying:” Hi Saro, my name is Anger. We are family and we love you.” I’m not going to mention everyone, otherwise I will have to write a book on Dawn of Titans or DOT as we call it.

Another one was my dearest Hades108. I think I mentioned him before. I only gave him and Anger a link to my blog. This young man told me:”Saro, I don’t talk to you as a person who is sick or a person that has dementia. I talk to you as my friend Saro, that is like a mom to me.

I shared my dementia thingy with the rest of the leaders of our alliance (the 6 of us have been playing together for about 3 years, don’t know the exact time) and they always have my back. Boy o boy, I can mess up in Line app. Miss understanding stuff, not understanding stuff, being impulsive, type nonsensical messages and post stuff in the wrong chats. Geeeezzzz and DOT can be very intense with spies and stuff hahahaha. Sometimes I have to send Anger a message and ask what they are talking about or just simply drop it. Confusion really is a bummer.

But they will always have my back or fix things. I’ve been thinking of leaving DOT, but I spend so much time in the game. Have made so many lovely friends. Never met them face to face, but they are real to me. The guys (girls not many) sometimes shares their heartaches and stuff. I so love hanging out with everyone….

Playing DOT, is one of the things that makes me happy. When my Titan Grimvald goes whoos whoos with its lightning axes and the archers swish swish with their arrows and my storm maidens trrrr trrr shooting lightning bolts with their axes all at the same time, it thrills me so. It stimulates my brain, as I need strategies. Which are faltering, but I’m still good to go for a very long time.

This is kindness shown to me by people that lives all over the world, that has never met me face to face. A big thank you to all of you, even if you might never get to read this blog.

Now I have to leave, thank you for reading.

Lots of love and kindness

Saro (Elmarie)


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