Day, I have no idea, of lock down. Snakes…..

Hi, I’m still on the Discover Prompts thing. I suggested snakes, so here goes… A true story!

We still lived in Welkom, we were young and the kids were small. Now I’m the kind of mother that can remind you of a hen with her two chickens. Well okay I’m still a hen with her two grown up chickens, which I will protect no matter what.

Earlier the day we discovered a snake, name or kind unknown and forgotten by now. I had a lovely lady that worked for me and lived in. Well the snake were pulverized and husband in all wisdom and expert knowledge told everybody that where there is one there is two or one snake always have a little friend or is a married couple or whatever.

So a whole arsenal of sticks, shovels and broom has been put in a corner near the kitchen or at least, near for the moment the enemy turned up and needed to be killed. Happily we all watched TV and the next moment I saw it…..! The snakes chum, wife, husband or whatever by the open front door. It stood with it’s head raised up. I gave the mother of all screams, grabbed my chickens, one with my left arm and one with my right arm and jumped on the sofa. Well all three of us were screaming our heads of, while husband and house angel sprung into action, each grabbing a weapon and stormed for the front door. Swear words, screams, many words were uttered in that moment.

The next moment a silence and standstill happened in front of the front door. Such a monumental anti climax…. and you could see the question mark appearing in my head…. And? Well dear wife, your snake is the broom’s dustpan. The handle that was standing in the air just above the ground.

And so house angel went back to bed, husband missed his favorite TV show and being snotty about the fact. Two little girls giggling about the whole affair and mommy that is so strong and who screamed the hardest, and me feeling like a total monumental asshole.

The next day my husband actually saw another snake in the yard. What was weird was that he told me that he saw the snake and the next moment it was like it turned over like a hand and vanished…..

Well that’s my story about snakes, dustpans and mysterious vanishings.

So what’s up? What’s the new Discover prompts?

Lots of love and kindness

Saro (Elmarie)


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