Discover prompts: Song

I read this post and sorry I cannot remember who’s post that was, just that I must put “Discover prompts” in the tags. Well this prompt is: Song

Well I do have a favorite song with good memories. It is The Anvil choir from Il Trovatore. You can listen to it here.:

Before we retired we usually went on holiday every year for round about 3 or 4 weeks. Quite frankly after the first 2 weeks I already wanted to go home. We always went to some resort or something like Victoria Bay for the first 2 weeks and then 2 weeks visiting family.

Well this holiday, the kids still small and did not complain about our choices of music, we discovered The Anvil choir and Il Trovatore. We listened to it over and over and over and then started again. We were so happy and carefree. Kids were good. Petrol prices for okay. We saved the change throughout the holiday in a pencil tin and used that for petrol to get back home. Hmmmm That’s a good memory with today’s really really crap petrol prices. Guess what… we don’t go on holiday anymore. Although I must say, we now live where our favorite holiday place was and now is.

So many years ago, so many things that happened in the meantime from then to now. Well we made it through the tough times and the good times are remembered with fondness.

With the dementia thingy I don’t remember anymore detail, but it was and still is an awesome piece of work.


It can be a funny one or adventures one or whatever. When finished please just put in tags: Discover prompts


Much love and kindness

Saro (Elmarie)


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