Dementia… new opportunities!

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Hi dear friend of mine, got to tell you. Many things are happening. Let me tell you, having dementia is not the end of life, you can have a wonderful life full of opportunities and happiness before that time comes… end stages. But before then… GET OUT THERE AND FRICKEN LIVE!!!!!!!!

Don’t let that day of your diagnosis when you most probably have been told to go home and get your things in order. There is life beyond that. My dearest friend Creeky thought she is the only person with dementia in …. forgot where she lives now. But she just reached out with the courage she have and the wonderful personality she has… O yes my Creeky is gorgeous and brave. She started last night her own dementia get together thingy…. blame the dementia thing for me forgetting stuff, but I am sure I got the main thing. Now she does not have to be so lonely anymore.

Now it’s my turn, but there are people that can help you with things like that.

Me and hubby just had a dance in the living room on Muss I denn and had a good kiss. Both of our bodies are in perpetual pain, but we did. I am so happy today. Am listening Avi Kaplan music… man he can sing!!!! They say music is very good for people with dementia, whatever form. Well Avi is on my list for sure. Home Free is also included… before I forget.

My Eldest Lora (writing as She Wolf) Send me a voice message encouraging me. Telling me there are still “A LOT OF TAPE ON MY ROLL” I must not doubt myself. I made a big boo boo yesterday and got everyone upside down… but Lora and Nita sorted mom’s thingy out. There are so much love and wisdom in my kids and my sweet sweet husband of 30 years. We can still do a quick dance and a kiss in spite of incredible pain in our bodies.

The day God send Dementia Mentors and my new found friends my way, made me the most fortunate and privileged woman ever. Thanks Gary and Tru. I also made a video for Dementia Mentors … It was scary and awesome, but I did it.

I’m not so scared anymore.  Anyways… toodles talk again later.

Much love and kindness
Saro (Elmarie)


8 thoughts on “Dementia… new opportunities!

  1. This is so nice ….. I am glad you are living life fully ………so many just survive…..stay blessed dear friend


  2. Bless you dear and thank you🌹❤️
    I’m writing this blog to make sense and also because I love writing. My writing is not so good anymore and I can’t see the mistakes anymore…. But whatever… I enjoy writing and read others blogs… Like yours


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