Hi there ๐Ÿ™‚ Me writing knit one slip one is not good. But you know what happens. Somehow I have the attention span of a hamster and trying to get myself to do something, without doing something else….. It is difficult. Sometimes I get as far as switching on the laptop, login and start reading first. Then I have to go and take my medication and sleep. Or something else catches my attention… Like now, my daughter is on her way with my pizza lol. Okay, that was my husband’s pizza, dang, I’m hungry.

I don’t really know what I want to write about, but I read somewhere that to just sit down and start writing whatever comes to mind. Well one thing that comes to mind is Lora’s lovebird died and she got a new one… Frikkie. Still small and eating porrige and need a few feathers still. Cute little munchkin. I have a lovebird too… Saro. He is a sweetheart. Not up to too much tricks, but he is tame and I can cuddle with him. Makes me happy.

We went to a mall the other day and I freaked out. Everybody bought some clothing and I needed too, but all the people and sounds and sensory overload was too much for me. I stepped out with just a tablet that I wanted to buy. I still need clothes. My dementia mentors friends suggested I put soothing instrumental music in my ears next time to calm me down… will try that.

Lately I feel like a statue. As if I just want to sit and do nothing. Drained of energy and motivation to do anything. I have trouble to think out something, can’t remember how something happened. Just spots of nothingness. Okay yea of cause I have dementia, but it is getting to me.

Kindness and love
Saro (Elmarie)


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