His name is John.

Okay…. his name is not John, but I don’t think I should put his real name here. For those that know, will have no problem recognizing him, specially if you live in the Southern Hemisphere of the planet called earth.

Now our friend John was one of the first people visiting us when we moved here. He came and introduced the deacon from the church. We talked a lot about God and I mentioned we really have God in common and should make nice friends and visit some…… His answer, looking over his glasses:” I don’t think so!” Well so much for making our first friend.

O dear, it is difficult not to get off topic or take a very wide turn to what I want to tell about John. Let me make it short. He irritates the sh*t out me. I will do anything to avoid him. whether he is invited to something or not, he turns up. Whether he was asked to do something or not, like public speaking…. he will create his opportunity and do it anyway. He actually once invited me formally for a project that I arranged for the NPO I was chairperson of. The town are just used to him. Sometimes he gets a spanking or two… but don’t think that bothers him… no sir! It is not my intention to slander the poor soul. It was sad when his wife passed away… she did everything for him. I don’t think his intentions are ever bad… but, as I said… he irritates the living daylights out of me.

Now here comes what I actually wants to tell about. I haven’t been in church for a while, sometimes my husband goes without me. I think I have been telling that I lost my friends, no one came looking for me when I disappeared off the face of the earth. Some friends texted me, and then everything in town just went on it’s merry way. We all happen to have our own place where we sit in church.

My husband came home this morning after church and told me the following. John usually sit right across the church in line with us. My husband said he saw John sat down and the next moment he got up and left again. Not long after that, John came and sat next to my husband, asking how everything is. To which my husband replied that I’m sick and things is not well after the last stroke and with the dementia. For the rest of the service he just quietly sat next to my husband. Just silent comfort………….

Much love and kindness

Saro (Elmarie)


5 thoughts on “His name is John.

  1. Hello, my dear. You know I have to comment! I just want to slap John silly! I would invite him to the back of the church and be so sweet and then take him to the parking lot and whip the dickens out of him and then say, Have a nice day. 😉 That would feel so good. Anyway, I think all of us have known someone like John. Maybe it’s a test to see if we can forgive. Who knows. Forget John. There are so many more who love you. Like me. How I wish we could get together and have a cup of coffee. I would even share a box of chocolates with you. Cuz you be that special. God bless.


  2. You just put into words exactly how I feel about him and would love to do to him. What I did appreciate from the rascal was him trying to comfort my husband. My husband can’t stand him either, but he did appreciate the gesture. Or else the little sh@t wanted to go gossip, but I’m past that
    Coffee and chocolates would be awesome. Love you

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