Adapting to change.

Hi everyone.😊 Me and my eldest had a fight today. I suppose it’s my fault.

I feel guilty because of the stuff I can’t do anymore. But thing is, I did not ask for this dementia thing and it’s not my fault.

My house was running very smoothly up to some time ago. Everyone had his task and responsibility. Each were allotted that which they liked. So smooth running.

Now we have to adapt and I notice, that it is not that easy. Well adapting in itself is a difficult thing

I tried to make food today and halfway I suddenly felt heavy, sleepy…. As if I couldn’t move or think. It happens often now. I’ve been advised by my Dementia mentors friends, that I should go sleep, but I couldn’t. Lora actually came home to pay the bills, which I can’t do anymore. She eventually finished the cooking, for which I’m grateful.

We will have to adapt somehow. I mentioned many times how my heart is broken for me and my family. I suppose I will need to let each one come to terms with it on their own. It still is a painful thing for my family to discuss.

We have always stood together, face the problem and fought it together or found a solution. We always came through the toughest times and situations. This is no different. We have before and we always will, because we don’t have to do it on our own or own power. God is with us, have been and always will be…. and that is enough.

Much love and kindness.



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