Chicken outing facilitator

My head is so foggy and down right screwed today, but it was all worth it.Actually my head feels like that chicken’s hairdo. Yesterday Fairyland pre-school had an outing to a friend of ours chicken farm. The picture is of my eldest daughter with her favorite Sylky chicken, Lora (She writes as She Wolf). This is a link to her blog, she gives her side and experience of living with my dementia.

Well I volunteered to do the chickens and rabbits. They came in 5 groups. First group, the teacher had to give me a few pointers as to what to tell the kiddies. Like where the chickens comes from… o dear. Second group went a bit better, but by the third group I had to keep on asking the teacher if I said this and that already. Lol one kiddie picked up a rabbit poop and put it in his mouth. I just put my hand in front of his mouth and said… spit… spit.. spit.. The next groups went a bit more difficult for me, but I managed. I am so proud of myself that I could do that. After that I still had to do my kids at the Aftercare Center… that pushed me over the edge. But I still managed.

Having dementia does not mean you are useless. You can still do things other people do and I’m not afraid to venture out. It is difficult to keep my thoughts straight writing this. I made friends on Dementia Mentors Virtual Cafe that can’t read or recognize people anymore, but they still give lectures on dementia… our side of it, to big audiences. And there I fricken cry again. I realize there will come a time when I really will not be able to do anything, but while I still can, I will live life to the fullest.

Something that is sad, is that people that loves you becomes so protective that they just don’t want you to do anything. I took my night meds the other day instead of the morning ones the other day. Nothing happened, I just slept all day, that I think just did me some good. I recently stayed 3 weeks on my own, with my friend across the road checking in on me without any trouble. I just cooked our meals for 3 weeks on my own… with instructions, but I did it without setting the house on fire or harming myself.

Can’t remember what I really wanted to say anymore. Let me go see what I can do without using my brain…. Wonder how long it is going to take me to recover.

Just a note to whoever knows me and reads this… don’t worry because my head feels shit after everything I did yesterday, I recover and will kick your fricken arse if you refuse to let me do things again. Please I want to.

Love and kindness and sorry for the bad words at the end.



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