On the go…

Hallo there ☺️.

They said you can blog on the go. Well I’m on the go to dreamland. About 20 minutes before meds kick in.

Had a good day. Kids in aftercare were good. And I had an awesome zoom meeting with my dementia dementors friends.

What is ao good about the DM, is that you can be yourself. No judgement. If your speech is impaired, you use sign language and carry on until we get it right. That is only one thing.

We lose friends because of the dementia thing, because people don’t always understand that you still can have a good life however assisted.

We talk about Churchill, aeroplanes, being scared of anesthetia or crocery stores that confuse us with too many choices. Even crowds and the noises that freakes us out.

We still have things to do or like to do and still do. Sometimes we make jokes about dementia.

Life does not suddenly come to an end after a dementia diagnoses.

Meds kicking in. Talk again.

Toodles, much love and kindness



4 thoughts on “On the go…

  1. Hey Saro …. I just read about the positive effects of ketogenic diet in all stages of dementia …..and thought of writing to you …….do check with your doctor ……might help . Take care of yourself


  2. Hi, my friend. You say you lose friends because of the dementia thing…that is true, I’m sure. But from what I read in your blog, you have found a lot more friends who really care. Quality friends. Because you have this blog, I have found a new friend too. Peace.


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