It is happening to us.

O dear I don’t know how to start this blog. Maybe just hello? My eldest daughter started wring a blog as well.

Maybe writing will bring a bit of consolation or understanding that which we cannot really talk about for now. When I was first diagnosed with vascular dementia, I was so self absorbed in this horrible thing that happened to me, I did not even think of what my family must go through. There was a certain relieve to know what was wrong with me. Now it has a name and we can get educated and take it from there. It was just dark for me.

But the reality here is that I have vascular dementia, but my entire family are affected by it. They are horrified by what is happening to me, as my daughter wrote at the above link. The denial, facing the reality of the disease, watching me being affected and having to take over all my responsibilities. Putting extra stress on them, but one thing I know, is that they love me dearly and I them.

Some way we have to adapt to the circumstances and changes. But how?


Got to go. Much love and kindness.



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