One busy day!

What a busy day. Eldest daughter making and experimenting with hot sauce to sell for an extra income. She keeps on insisting that I taste it, but listen, let me tell you. It will be the day if my mouth burns so that steam is coming out my ears like a steam train and me hooting searching for water.

The youngest want to make soap for an extra income. She already bought two ingredients. Coconut oil and peroxide something. When I asked her to show me what it is that it is she bought it was drain and cement cleaner. O dear Lord. The skin will come off. So we convinced her that pealing skin off a person is not going to work. Now 7:35 pm she found a lotion recipe. Off she go like a happy little hamster. There goes my essential oil, but that is okay.

I am so proud of these two munchkins of mine. Real entrepreneurs. In between they are preparing for their teaching practice that starts tomorrow.

My friend Marian had to run after 4 little piggies that got out all day, she is bushed. I had a zoom chat with Dementia Mentors and misunderstood something about one of my friends leaving and I thought it was the zoom chat, which I live for. It is where people with dementia socialize. So I started crying and trying to give him advice. When I stopped with my advice, they kindly told me he is going nowhere. It is about some other thing that he is doing. O dear….

OH me and my husband are married 30 years today. What a wonderful thing. To love and to be loved for so long. Poor man just looked at us and shook his head.

Now I have to go take my meds and go sleep.

Oh sh@t…!!! youngest is using my almost new kitchen utensil for her lotion experiment. Eldest… don’t break it, I need it for my hot sauce. My house is a disaster area. Tomorrow my Aftercare Center starts again tomorrow after a three week holiday.

Think I must go sleep now. Nooooo don’t use my bottles, it was expensive, going to charge you with theft. I’m hungry. In between they are watching netflix. Dear Lord, how I love my family




10 thoughts on “One busy day!

  1. Well the lotion is definitely for an extremely dry skin. Think she used too much vaseline. The hot sauce should be ok… But I saw on small jar that looks like the fermented one that exploded last time lol

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  2. It’s actually tobasco sauce. The hot sauce is a danger to my stomach so forget that! ๐Ÿ™‚
    The tobasco is actually nice, but don’t know if will sell. We will see soon I guess.

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