This has to be quick, before I forget.

I love words. Words are such a powerful thing.

Words express love. Hurt people, comfort others. It paints pictures. Communication is impossible without words. Even deaf people use words with their hands.

Words are used to describe a painting or photo, even a landscape. I think blind people can “see” through words. We tell stories, it takes us on journeys. Words makes you happy or even unhappy. It put little ones to sleep.

Worlds are ruled through words. I love poetry and books that stimulates our imagination.

There are many more things I can say about words. I wonder what will happen when my words go away?


2 thoughts on “Words

  1. Thank you so much. I am going to use my words tomorrow to address about 600 women on mental health issues. Many of them already knows me because of previous engagements, so if I have to use a few gestures for words, I’m sure all will be well. Am being absolutely positive here now 🙂


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