Another spider…

It was a lovely day and everyone home again. As the sun went down, it was shower time again. Now my young ladies usually goes first to shower and then mum is ushered into the bathroom. I told them about the spider incident earlier the day and all had a good giggle knowing about me and spiders.

Well, I sneaked in, asking if there are any spiders on the horizon. “No mum, coast is clear. So I got undressed while checking out the bathroom inc by inc. Cool, no spiders. Had a nice shower, actually spend a few minutes extra under the warm water to warm the old bones and got out to dry and dress.

Lo and behold when I took my towel off the rail, a spider appeared from inside my towel, ran over my fricken hand to the toilet and watched me with those freaky red eyes. (ok, I could not really see the spiders eyes) I hollered, screamed, jumped up and down all naked and wet, while my dear young ladies laughed their heads off.

Then the night in shining armor, my dear husband, ran into the bathroom, declared the spider poisonous and subsequently killed it with my deodorant bottle.

The last comment after I calmed down from my dear young ladies: ” Mum, at least dad did not just give you the weather report.” (He always just says that the spiders says rain is coming) My ass!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Another spider…

  1. My, my! If they are truly a sign it will rain, next time you see a spider, give it a map to my house. We need rain! The ants are taking over. (Your husband has my permission to kill the poisonous ones)

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