Shower + Spider

Hallo 🙂

Today I feel much better than yesterday.

Last night I went to the bathroom to have a shower. Now as things goes, you get undressed, make sure you don’t have your watch or glasses on, enter the shower and close the door.

Now as I wanted to open the taps, my eye spied a huge spider… as big as my hand on my right hand side just above the small window. AAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAH a scream enough to wake the dead left my mouth through my lips. That was the fastest I ever got out of the shower. I always do it very careful, minding the painful knee and danger of falling.

Just there and then I got dressed again and into bed. Thoughts about killing the spider whirled through my mind. Now the dear Lord build me like a muffin and not a stick. Contemplating the murder of the spider that takes care of the flies and mosquitoes, I realize two things: 1. Should I attempt to kill the spider and I failed the first time and that thing with the many creepy legs starts running… I might just take the shower apart. 2. I was sure that I already was past my “sell by date”. So shower I had too.

Now the brave girl I am, I decided to attempt to shower again, for man kind and all those brave things they say. Went back to the bathroom, got undressed, opened the shower door and had a good chat with spider. Carefully I entered the shower, opened the taps, so not taking my eyes off the spider. Just as I was soaped all over, that spider lifted his two front legs and wave them. That was the fastest rinse ever, and out the shower. Toweled dry, got dressed and jumped into bed.

Moving those front legs, I think spider was either clapping his hands for me being brave or… C’mon mam, move your ass, I see a tasty fly and you told me not to move 🙂

Good bye for now and lots of love.



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