Conversation with God

Dear Father, this will be just a short chat. I know you love me and I love you. This dementia thing is too much to handle. I need your help. My family needs your help. Thank you that your Word says that you hear us and answer us. It is a struggle to just talk to you, because my mind just goes sideways and wanders off. Maybe if I talk to you this way? I found grabbing a pen and paper a bit more difficult, because I always forget where the book is or in which book I started writing.

Thank you Father and goodnight.



3 thoughts on “Conversation with God

  1. Like they say here in the South,”Bless your heart”. You have ceratinly blessed mine. And I thank you. I hope it helps to know there are people who care and pray for you on this very special journey.

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  2. Thank you so much for the encouragement and caring. And yes this is a journey. And now my words went somewhere. Will find it again.
    O… Glad to hear someone else mess up as well 😊


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