Do people care enough?

I don’t know whether I should start venting or explaining a few things about dementia. Well choice is easy. I stopped smoking this month exactly 1 year ago. The point of stopping was to hopefully have a longer meaningful and capable life. Well, it did me no good. My husband insists to continue smoking even though he had a good chance to stop in the lockdown, because there was supposed to be a ban on the cigarettes.

Nope, he just sticked to “I smoked from even before I met you. It is my house, I will do as I wish.” Isn’t it my house as well… where am I to go? I am dependent on him. He can smoke outside, but refuse. He does not care if I die. Vascular dementia is because the veins shrink and my brain does not get enough oxygen and the cells die. If your brain die… you die… it is the command centre of your body, even your heart cannot beat without your brain give it instructions. Smoking and second hand smoking is absolutely a very effective way to speed up the dementia process. So question here is… does he still love me? Does he still love my kids, that is also still dependent on him, although they contribute to the house etc.

With the lockdown, we lost the income of the Aftercare centre and every other way that we managed to make money, so my daughters lost their Medical Aids. When someone smoke, they actually get sick. Hey fewer, sinus and can’t breath. So I can go on.

So please, don’t smoke in the room or presence of your loved one.

Got to say bye

Saro (Elmarie)


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