The dementia jungle

This lock down thing is busy biting me in the butt. Today was a surprise even for me. I had energy and cashed in on it. I made a pizza and did the dishes and….. hmmmmm Look after the chickens?

Something I find annoying is that I cannot multitask anymore. One thing at a time and then sometimes…. okay many times in the midst of it, I just wander off and do something else. My concentration is worse that that of a hamster and I’m not that sure that hamsters do have concentration abilities. It is like the stuff I want or have to do gets entangled. See like this:

One big mess. Although as you see it is a beautiful mess, because we still stay beautiful even if our brains is going south. But then we have to find the ability in the disability. Somewhere I read that impossible is only impossible because the answer has not been discovered yet. Something like that.Then we discover that this jungle that is so many things to do is just too much and it feels like it puts us in a stupor or something… you can’t move. It is impossible for me to fix the kitchen if it really is a mess. Just too many things. It’s an overload…. then this happen to the forest:

It gets to be one big black hole… pretty around the edges, because any type of dementia or cognitive impairment is not written on our foreheads. OOOOHHHH you look much better today… “OOOhhh yeah baby… where do you see it? Did you have CAT SCAN eyes? You saw a cure somewhere… where is it ?…. show me… want some too, so that I can look and feel better than this most impossible and horrible darkness, fogginess and confusion etc.

I still can’t get over the trauma I had the other day, where I just couldn’t defend myself. I was just this crying puddle. And guess what… here I cry again anyway. I think Teepa Snow said crying is one of the symptoms of vascular dementia…. mind you my psychiatrist said the same. Just sudden crying and that’s it. Someone, can’t remember who recently or somewhere in the past said: “Sometimes you just have to pick yourself up and stop crying” Yea you try it… let me see it…. just show me how… I’m all for stopping my crying.” It is such a pity my friend Tru said I should not use badwords…. sometimes it just makes what you want to say and the emotion behind it so much more real or to bring the sincerity or punch over. That persons pretty little ass… there used a bad word.

Oh dear Lord if I didn’t discover the undo button, I almost wiped the lot.

My hope is to eventually just wonder off in beauty like this:

Harry Urban inspire me so much. He just enjoy his life… looks like it. Just not having to worry about anything, just do what you enjoy. I feel people should be educated about Dementia, then I would have been spared trauma that took at least 3 days of my precious life. I suspect that my energy wasn’t energy in the normal sense, but a nice bipolar high.

Got to go. Thanks for reading.

Lots of love and kindness

Saro (Elmarie)


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