5 Things that made me happy.

Little Konna and me.

I missed yesterday, but I don’t think I should put any pressure on myself. Did however started up some drafts for ideas, just hope I remember lol.

1. The unconditional love of a child. This little angel running to me with arms wide open to hug me and let met pick him up, makes me happy. I really don’t mind keeping him entertained for the whole day, while his mom is helping me in the house.

2. We are all at home, but what would really make me happy is if everybody can just get on fabulously all the time.

3. I like the color red 😉

4. I like the music of Avi Caplan. He has the most awesome bass voice and I love Acapella , music.

5. I love to sometimes just sit in my chair and do absolutely nothing.

That’s it for today. Counted my blessings and all. Enjoy your day and try out posting short lists of counting your blessings. It helps make you feel better in realizing not everything is bad.

Much love and kindness.



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