The seeking kind.

There are one type of dementia that I have not heard of, but secretly knows about. The seeking kind.

Now the thing is like that. I always carry a handbag. Not just a handbag, but the biggest one you can find. My husband recon I don’t need anything for self defense since I just need to hit someone over the head and that will be the end of any person with evil intentions.

There are however many treasures in it. Hand cream… never used. Hand sanitizer that my youngest young lady deposited in my bag, just for in case I touch something that can go viral. Never used, but it smells great. Wet wipes, but I am so not telling why I need wet wipes. It is part of a small kit my young ladies assembled for me that I have to carry everywhere I go.

A blue carpet knife. My family said I need self defense. The blade seems a bit short and it is lying right at the bottom of my huge handbag, not going to work. How do I tell a robber or evil person to hang on for a minute, I need to find my carpet knife to re arrange his face or fingers or something like that. But let me leave the knife in the bag, I just may need it.

My cellphones. One for use, quite a nice one, Huawei P20 lite. Hmmm I heard Huawei is having some troubles, but my dear head have enough troubles to worry about that one. Then my Dawn of Titans machine, the online game that I’m playing. Some chargers, earphone for just in case. The DOT machine should stay at home, because it does not have wifi or data outside of the house.

Looooong list. Then my darling Boelie, Boerboel likes to stash his hooves and toys also in my handbag.

Then the really sneaky thing, sometimes I need to place stuff in a place, so that I can find it quickly again. It lands up in my handbag. So my family find many things in my handbag. Whenever I start searching, anxiety takes hold of me. You are not going to believe all the things I find in my handbag, specially trouble as well when it is discovered that I stached something away in my bag.

Now my youngest decided to sort me out. She gave me a new bag to use, bigger than the previous one. Sorted everything beautifully and with a plan. Now I really cannot find anything, but the main thing is, my stuff for my Aftercare Centre is in there and that stuff I can find. Then I stole my husbands new bag, also given to him by my youngest and I re purposed it to put my other stuff in. Not going to give a list of that. Now am the proud owner of two bags full of treasures of the most important stuff any person may need.

So now you know about the seeking kind of dementia.

Thanks for reading.

Much love and kindness



5 thoughts on “The seeking kind.

  1. Speaking of treasures, you are definitely one! I am still smiling. I guess I have seeking dementia too. I am constantly taking things out of one bag and putting in another and can’t find anything when I need it. Then God gets sneaky and changes Seasons. Which means, a new purse. 😉

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  2. CS, thank you so much. You inspire me. I always wanted to write and now dementia got me writing
    I will take this as an upside. Even if I have to figure out how the blog thingy works every day, it makes me happy 😊


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