Dementia symptom: crying

Hello 🙂

Now that I finally figured out how to write a blog again, I want to tell about crying.

First thing.. I used to be excellent with using the computer and now it sometimes is quite difficult. But I’m not the kind of girl that gives up.

Yesterday was a bad day. I cry a lot. It is one of the symptoms of dementia. Sometimes I cry, when I really don’t want to go to work, but my Aftercare center is my happy place. So my girls, the youngest 26 and the eldest 28, just pack me up and take me with. They help me with the Aftercare. The aftercare is where we help kids doing their homework and most of them with special needs. I can have the worst day ever, but when those little rascals are around me, everything change. It makes me happy.

Then sometimes I cry for nothing or every time I think or talk about dementia. Something else that sets me off crying, is the fact that I morn my condition. I am an intellectual or clever woman, or used to be, lately I don’t feel that I’m still clever. When someone talks to me and use too many words, it just cause confusion and I simply does not understand what is being said to me.

It is not just brain cells that died off, but much of my thoughts, abilities, words (I love words). My work ethic used to be analyze, prioritize and execute. Well that one is so down the drain. And yes I am crying while I type here. But I think I am brave writing about this thing that is happening to me. I am only 56 years old and there is so much still to do, but I will not give up. I will not give up. If I cannot find my words I can still point or make gestures. Imagine writing a blog with making gestures lol.

The crying upsets my family very much. My husband is calling, I am suppose to go for an afternoon nap. Better get up. See you next time and thank you for reading my blog.




2 thoughts on “Dementia symptom: crying

  1. Thank you so much, it means a lot to me to hear that. I also just love your blog. I close my eyes a lot, so much that someone have to help me get somewhere and I cannot drive any more.


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