5 Positive things.

This is difficult today…

1. I love how my dog looks at me. He has the softest loving eyes. He makes me feel safe.

2. Woodsie our not pure bred Sylky chicken laid an egg 2 days in a row. Yesterday we heard the 4 chickens making a terrible noise. Everyone stormed out, thinking th neighbours dog is playing peeping Tom again. Nope they all stood in a circle being happy about the egg that Woodsie laid in the middle of the chicken coop.

I found another one when I went to feed them just now. It is quite a picture to see how they all looked at the egg… It was still warm. It is one cock named Becky (he has a deformed beak and is a beautiful buff Orpington) then he has 3 wifes. Kleintjie and Daisy, black Pekins and then the famous Woodsie.

I wonder if they want some offspring, since Becky is regularly doing his duty. That in itself is something to behold. The hens disappear under him, when he is doing his thing and after a big noise you just see this tiny black hen running away from underneath him. Okay, I think I just did the unmentionable and discussed our chickens sex life online… Really?

3. I love my eldest daughter’s gold coloured hair. It is so beautiful and she herself is so beautiful inside and out.

4. We got awesome gifts from one of our aftercare kid’s mothers.

5. God is good, all the time. I love my friend Asanda Kwenena, she is saying this everytime I see her and she gives me hugs and tells me she loves me. Her beautiful kids Vuvu and Olo is also in my aftercare.

Okay, see it wasn’t that difficult. Sometimes we just need to take our hand off of our face, so that we don’t just see the missery in life.

But anyway, much love and kindness.

Saro (Elmarie)


Five things to be grateful for 1.

I woke up today.

Stroked a bunny after feeding him.

My youngest is coming home.

Holiday is starting today.

I had such fun with my Dementia Mentors friends last night.

Ok, I am going to try and do this every day. Counting my blessings. I challenge you to do the same. If you decide to do the same, post a link back to this post and use the red rose, thank you.

Much love and kindness.

Saro (Elmarie)

I’m so happy!!!

I’m so so so happy. Let me start with mothers day. I got a card saying … The best mom in the world. An Oreo Bubbly chocolate, and my favorite body lotion. Both my kids were here and we had our favorite meal. Russian sausage and chips, very unhealthy and smothered with mustard sauce and ketchup. Well that does not happen every day, so that was awesome.

The NPO VALK (Prevention of alcohol and substance abuse) of which I was chairperson for a few years, held an annual camp for the farm workers at Eerste Rivier by the sea. That was always the highlight of my year. We took these people and served them. We took them a bit out of there circumstances and spoiled them for a weekend. They got a chance to talk about their sorrows etc. We always had a concert as well. They enjoyed it so much. They got a chance to enact the things that made them unhappy and get a solution for it. We empowered them…

What I really want to tell is about two years ago a lady gave her testimony how she were ridiculed and mistreated because she was barren. My heart broke for this woman. I just held her in my arms for a whole night, dried her/our tears and prayed with her. My best friend that is a social worker came to me this morning. She told me she met this lady this past week at some women’s gathering AND SHE HAD A THREE MONTH OLD BABY IN HER ARMS! And she just said she would love to know what I would say when I see her baby. I am so going to find her. God is good, He exist, miracles exists.

The other thing that got me so excited is, I am invited to talk to a group of women on the 25th May about dementia. I so thought my life was over, and here I start crying again. But my life is not over. I used to do public speaking, I think the biggest crowd was about 300 women, not counting the men and children. Praise God, for He is good.

One other thingy, last night lying in bed my husband mentioned he would like to go to Oudtshoorn to see something again, can’t remember what. I said to him, why don’t we go and the answer as usual was: We have no money. And true as Bob, in the announcements in church this morning, there is an outing on the 22nd of May to Oudtshoorn. I do have enough money, but my friend that is organizing it said that I can use it for pocket money 😉 I am so fricken happy!!!!!!!

Thank you for reading my blog and sharing in my heartbreaks and happiness. I hope that this will help someone else.