Taking time to stand still.

Today I would like to tell you about a very big kindness paid to me recently. Having dementia, sometimes makes you very lonely. There is always the anxiety meeting new people. Sometimes you get confused when people talk too fast…. believe me it sounds like blah blah blah. Sometimes you lose the conversation not even halfway in.

I went with a friend on a trip, not too far, only about an hour and a half drive to Jeffreys. I love my friend, she is the best ever. Before we went on the trip, we had to spend three hours in the bank, to take my signing rights off of the NPO’S financial stuff. I served 4 years as the Chairperson. That three hours, was an ordeal for me. This and that and twelve other things and me feeling like a fart in a bag of nails…. excuse the expression, but it was what it was.

When we got there, we had a lovely lunch and when we started walking…. her walking fast like Castor Semenya and me walking with my crutch far behind. Then I told her, I decided against buying panties and time is running out, so I sat myself down on a bench in the mall.

It was a bit lonely but there I was. Next moment this stranger stood in front of me. A lovely young man, nicely dressed and soft voiced. “Good day auntie, may I ask why you walk with a crutch?” I told him the left knee is not so nice anymore and he there and then sat down next to me, asking if he can pray for my knee. I said yes. So he subsequently prayed for my knee. We started talking about when we met Jesus Christ and just have a nice chat about my favorite topic…. Jesus. Then he left with me giving him a hug.

Now unfortunately I’m not jumping around with a knee all fixed and all, it is not that I did not believe or something or that God did not fix my knee. But that day, that young man left his house with a purpose and just came to stand still by a scared old lady, whose head is more on crutches than her knee. It touched my heart. I could feel the love and company of God that day as a special treat. Don’t misunderstand me, God is always with me, but just that gesture, that intent to be kind, made my whole day.

So if you are looking for something nice to do, get up, get dressed and go see if there is some old lady that you can just go and stop by and talk too. Anything will do, even just introducing yourself and sitting there and if there is conversation, do it. It will make you feel good as well.

Much love and kindness

Saro (Elmarie)


5 thoughts on “Taking time to stand still.

  1. Isn’t God good?! He has a way of showing up dressed in other people’s clothes.;-) Bless that man for being there for you. I hope your knee feels better.


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