What a lovely day

Today was just a westome. First my husband Andries and my youngest Nita came to visit me. (They are all looking after people’s pets and houses when they go on holiday and that way they pay their university fees) So first thing… I forgot it was fathers day and the dear donut never mentioned it to me. O well I found out about it on another chat I’m on and send him a nice message.

My friend Marian (on the left) baked me this lovely awesome yummy carrot cake.

Then my “babysitter” Marian fetched me. I was in such a hype… all over the place, even folded her washing and grating the carrots for the carrot cake. When the time came for me to make the chicken livers with a zing thing, I got stressed out and asked her to do it. It was so yummy! In between she were fixing her chickens, she is a chicken farmer and have some awesome chickens. Lora (my eldest) also are partners with her.

Look at this awesome chickens.

Then she baked the most yummiest carrot cake ever. I almost did not want to leave, but bed and taking meds time caught up with us. Thanks for being my friend Marian, I know you read my blogs.

Much love and kindness to all.



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