Topsy Turvey

Hello, hello, hello!!!!! Me here ๐Ÿ™‚ O dear, everything is so busy in my house. The kids are doing teaching practice, I cook, try to play my game…. which sadly takes the back burner. My Titans and fellow Dawn of Titan addicts will just have to understand.

What is good, is that I cook, get everything ready to go to work etc. etc. etc. Even though it is done with reminders and instructions. Thing is, I’m still able to do that and hopefully will be able to do it for a long time still to come. Dementia creeping up on a person can be quite intimidating.

Something I enjoy doing, is to Zoom with my fellow dementia friends. It is simply awesome. Sometimes it is sad and we discuss what needs to be done before you get to that stage where you are not able to function anymore. Other times we wonder if there are other planets with interesting people on is and lots of flowers.

My eldest brought a nice snotty nose home with compliments from a class and 40 preschoolers… and passed it on to me. So I feel like a troll. Well a snotty nose is better than the german measels the youngest brought home last year. Sorry if this is a bit tmi lol.

I want to watch my Netflix series… When calls the heart. Such a warming story…. no time now. So there’s a suggestion for a good series.

My two brothers buried my mom’s ashes this weekend in my dad’s grave and I found out that my second youngest brother eloped in May. He got married in the magistrates office and never told us. That hurts. I would not have been able to go, as I cannot travel far anymore, but would have loved to phone him and say congrats. I really am happy that he found somebody after been lonely for 50 years. Never been married or had a girlfriend in his 50 years and now he found a mate. I am so happy for him.

Another thought I’m working on is to get some sort of dementia awareness and groups or connecting people with dementia in South Africa. All I find on Google is for Bipolar and depression and anxiety. I have all that, but it is nicely controlled by medication and I’m as happy as you can get. I think I must change my blogs name and take the bipolar part away, since I’m obviously so not going to write about that.

I mentioned it to some of my dementia mentors friends and were told it was very difficult to do and it took 6 years to get where they are now…. Well a person can try is my opinion.

Okay thanks for listening or reading or both. My alarm went off… time for meds and I don’t want to go sleep now. Already had my first warning to get up and get to bed.

Talk to you guys again… by the way… Topsy Turvey, got no idea what that means, but it sounds nice.




6 thoughts on “Topsy Turvey

  1. Love the Topsy Turvey title. (I’ve been off the radar for a few weeks and you are one person I keep thinking about, wondering how you are. I’ve missed you and reading your entries.) If you watch Netflix, I recommend “Mary Poppins Returns”. The original was not a favorite of mine, but I thought I have a moment this weekend to chill, so I decided to give the new one a chance. Glad I did! Well. A woman named Topsy is in it, played by Meryl Streep. So Topsy Turvey is a wonderful name for your entry. And you go for whatever your heart tells you to do, in South Africa, or the World. I believe in you, girlfriend!


  2. Aaahhhwww, missed you too. I will definitely watch the movie. Thanks for your encouragement. I love reading your posts and the Haiku absolutely fascinate me. Thanks for being my special blog girlfriend ๐ŸŒน


  3. I don’t title my Haiku because I read somewhere that they should not have titles – they should stand alone without explanation. (But I, personally, like to title everything and I have a little rebellious streak, so I may start titling some) ๐Ÿ˜‰


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